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Development support for instruments for and together with Tecan Austria GmbH Development support for a 96 well Screening Platform  for the company Nanion Technologies GmbH, Munich Development of a Continuous Flow Peptid Synthesizer, Joint Development with the companies Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments AG and PSL Specialty Laboratories Gmb Reengineering and improvements of a 96 well Parallel Synthesizer for the company metabion international AG, Munich Development of Track and Trace Solutions for the complete traceability of pharmaceutical products Development of a Shower Gel Holder in order of an advertising agency Project Coordination for the Manufacturing of Machines for the Oligo Production for Eurofins MWG Synthesis GmbH  Development and Manufacturing of Machines for the Oligo Production  and Cleavage for Eurofins MWG Synthesis GmbH 
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Project Examples The following list shows a selection of projects from the past few years. For reasons of confidentiality and secrecy only selected projects are disclosed.
Reference Projects